Monday, February 15, 2021

ESP32 control via Node-Red

 This is a new variant of my home automation efforts where I will attempt to control a string of  LED's connected to an ESP32 and control several LED sequence's via  node-red. I should add that I don't really consider myself a programmer but more of a hacker. I modify existing exaple code to do whatever I'm trying to achieve. I do have an electronics background and got most of my electronics training in the Air Force where I was an Electronic Warfare Systems tech. I have worked in a variety of industrial maintenance and some broadcast TV electronics tech support. I've retired now and do some honey do list type handyman work part time. I got in on the drone thing pretty early on... well before you could buy one off the shelf. They used an arduino based microprocessor and were pretty primitive  compared to what's available today. They quickly evolved to STM32 based controllers with tons of capability. I still fly them occasionally and done some video's but they have become a pretty pricey hobby for an old retired handyman.

I have borrowed heavily from Rui Santos and his Random Nerd Tutorials and occasionally get help from the Node-Red support forum.

The code below is from his neopixel demo where he had some switches to select the different routines for a string of neopixels. This version runs trough the different routines and ends with the rainbow cycle routine which it runs 10 times before ending. 

I want to control these routines via node-red and hopefully illustrate for you how I went about it.


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